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Animation means, literally, to breathe life into some thing.
A transformation is involved, what was still now moves.

Working with groups or individuals, an animateur acts with learners to assist them to work with their own experience. An animateur animates learning, ‘gives life to’, inspires. Animateurs help to create space that allows people to flourish, to learn and to make changes.

I’ve chosen “animateur” to describe the leadership and facilitation skills that I offer because my approach is to work with people, situations and relationships.

My work as animateur may be a fit for your group or organization if you are seeking to:

  • develop greater individual or group understanding

  • grow effective leadership skills

  • deepen spiritual understanding and practices

  • strengthen work team capacity and cohesiveness

  • clarify mission and goals

  • expand creativity and spontaneity

I’ve had the privilege of learning and offering leadership for more than three decades with people of all ages across Canada and internationally. My commitment is to develop customized learning opportunities for the groups with whom I work, and to use emergent design to adapt in the moment to meet a group’s learning goals and needs. In addition, I am equipped to use the following leadership tools and learning approaches:

If you would like to learn more about what I may have to offer for your group or organization, please contact me:

Allison Rennie

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