Atlas of Rennie: A Mapping Project

Atlas of Rennie

4 Maps to My Creativity

Autumn 2011


This project charts an inquiry into my creative process. Each map was created using photographs, drawing with pencil marker and ink, and layered fabric elements stitched onto a canvas sheet. The maps use traditional form – folds, legend, scale, - and non traditional text and image.


The first map, Pigeon Eye View, wonders what my creative process would look like from a bird's perspective. Pigeon was the guide for this inquiry.

The second, Blue Heron Time, inquires into the relationship of time with my creativity.

The third, Shh, maps the noise in my head as I engage creative work.

The fourth, Once, began as a canvas map charting the importance of narrative in my work; I am shaped by story. But it transformed, as all good story does, into another story. It became a wee handmade book Elegy for Nuthatch.


The Atlas is the collection of these charts, but it is also the container. I designed, cut and sewed a satchel from the draft work I had done on the maps. In this way, the process of my inquiry became the container for the whole work.