Spiritual Direction


photo Allison Rennie

Spiritual direction, sometimes called spiritual accompaniment or guidance, is an opportunity to develop and deepen one’s spiritual life. A spiritual director offers encouragement and accompaniment to open to the presence of God (the sacred, divine, or higher power). It is neither counselling nor psychotherapy. Rather, it is a form of spiritual practice in which the guide and guided together seek to know and understand God’s grace and direction in the life of the one guided. Spiritual direction helps people learn how to live with compassion for self and others, to seek justice, and live with integrity.


The process of spiritual direction takes place in confidential one-on-one sessions, at a convenient location and time, usually once a month for an hour.


My goal is to offer support for your deepening practices of spiritual learning, discernment, reflection and prayer.


As a spiritual director, my training has included An Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction at the Mercy Centre in Burlingame, California, and training in Godly Play and SoulCollage®.


To learn more about spiritual direction or to inquire about booking an appointment, please contact me at info@allisonrennie.ca.