The Jade Canoe @ YVR

  Name: The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe Artist: Bill Reid, Haida, 1994

    Bronze cast with jade green patina, second of two castings, 1994 
    6.05 m long (19’10’’), 3.89 m high (12’9’’), 3.48 m wide (11’5’’)


The Spirit of Haida Gwaii @ YVR

 From the stool at Starbucks

the Jade Canoe

            commands attention.

Native dugout full

ancient power

Thirteen Creatures crowd

                                   the heavy craft, going



Wolf claw in Beaver's back

teeth clenched on Eagle's wing

beak sunk in Grizzly's paw

                                 Stay still soft Frog;

                                 Eagle hasn't seen you yet.


Grizzly protects the family -

back turned against wind and future.

                                 Do you shiver at the past you can see

                                 or the future you cannot?


Mouse Woman,

your skinny fingers

curl against the deck.

Now you must trust

the ones you tricked.

                               If you slip, who will notice

                               your tiny splash?


Reluctant Paddler plays his part -

Pretends his lonely stroke guides the boat.

                               Human, look where you are.



four tail feathers

spread across the stern

one claw on the rudder.

                            With you steering

                                       we could end up anywhere.


Your flight is being called.


copyright 2011 Allison Rennie

self published


Bill Reid's sculpture is installed in the Vancouver International Airport Termainal.  For more information: