What's Left To Say

photo Diane Ransom

What's Left To Say


People say Oh my god! Oh my god

They say Oh my god

               when their new kitchen renovation is revealed.

They say Oh my god

               when they drop their keys.

They say Oh my god

               when the Yankees win. When the Red Sox might.

OMG for a haircut, french fry,

               birthday card. Oh my god

               when frightened, pissed off, pretending,

               practising -

Children say it. You say it.


What's left to say

              when the top crashes through the bottom of your life

              and the elevator lurch down

              doesn't stop    you

              are falling fast and

              hitting pushing smashing all the usual buttons

              doesn't do a damn thing

              and all you've got is the fall


Oh God.

Oh My God.


 copyright 2012 Allison Rennie

self published